5 Hour Marathon Session

My thoughts – by sub

Hi Mistress!

Finally home and ready to give you some feedback on our session. First of all thank you for giving me ride back to the hotel and it was nice having a final chat with you before leaving.  I want to give you my thoughts about the session and then send you a more general review if that is okey.

I enjoyed the session and the time went by so quickly. I really liked your friendly attitude and your big smile which could also be very sadistic at the same time. It was a welcoming atmosphere all the way through. As a foreigner it was nice to be taken care especially when you are a confused in a new town. The corporal punishment (CP) was strange in a good way. It was my first time trying CP and I honestly didn’t know that I would start giggling when the pain became too intensive but I can assure you that the pain was real despite the smile on my face.  Today my butt is swollen and has changed color from red to an intensive PURPLE (I had to take a picture because it looked to funny). What a nice souvenir from Glasgow! In summary I would definitively want to do it again but more as a form of punishment for misbehavior or something similar but as a first try it was an excellent level.

The” bingo” game was definitely a new thing for me. It was intriguing to pick a number not knowing what punishment would come. I strongly remembered that I almost manage to choose only CBT activities in one round! Before the session CBT was not really my strong side but perhaps I should reconsider it! Apparently I never had a real face slapping before. My ears were ringing a little bit after each slap and having your champagne was so good.  The list could go on here. However, the only negative that I felt with the “bingo” game was that it went on a bit too long.  In the end I had problem to concentrate and stay focused on the tasks. I liked the idea you had about saying a nr that was already used will get you spanked or punished again.  Regardless, the smile on your face when I picked CBT three times in a row was just priceless.

The part that I liked the most was the strap-on action. I was really amazed on how good you were at fucking me! To be honest I didn’t want you to stop and the harder you fucked me the more submissive I became and I really felt like a worthless little slut being used.  Maybe I do like anal role-play games more than I thought! However, I was so disappointed that I couldn´t relief myself when you commanded me to do so.  You even tried to help me on my way and still I didn’t manage to do it. I´m so sorry and ashamed about that and I can´t explain it. Unfortunately I felt that this part was a little bit to short and stressful. Maybe the “bingo” game took more time than you though it would? Regardless, I was intrigued by the ideas you had about the candle wax and how your fucking machine could get me from behind while you take me in front of you. Again, the way you fucked me was really really good.To have a session focused on being orally and anal humiliated by your strap-on sounds very tempting.

In overall, it was an enjoyable first time session to get to know each other a bit. Hopefully I will have the chance to come back soon but no promises can be made at the time. It’s easier for me to visit London since I have relatives and friends there and it takes only 2 h by plane for me to get there. Your wonderful smile and your playfullness really got to me.  Hopefully you also enjoyed the session.