Clip Store

Hello... Is it Me you're looking for...?
Hello… Is it Me you’re looking for…?

Finally…. Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie has a CLIP STORE


Due to ATVOD regulations I am no longer taking editorial control of My BDSM clips and I no longer have a clips4sale store. This is largely due to them accepting debit cards which minors could use to purchase clips. This horrified Me to hear that minors could have had access to My content so after consultation with ATVOD I have sensibly switched providers.

Please visit to purchase clips. My entire collection is on there – albeit edited by Clips Fatale. I will also be looking to start filming again. The editing will be done by Clips Fatale which will take a lot of the work out for Me and one of My favourite, if not favourite, subs has kindly bought Me a shiny new HD camera with which to film so I will be producing far better content although the editing will be down to Clips Fatale to keep Me within regulations.

I look forward to entertaining your sick, kinky, perverted little minds again very soon. Thank you all for your continued kink support!

Free the Kink!

Love, Megara x