Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie’s First Blog – Broken sub

Today was a lot of fun. Slave turned up with a cheeky, ‘do anything You want to me – i can take anything’ attitude. I smiled. I love nothing more than watching these types crumble.

A game of punishment bingo then? But first, a needle in each nipple, anal hook incorporated into a tight rope body harness to ensure he felt it with every step.

The cockiness was already beginning to leave. As I list the punishments he starts with the attitude again. The pain from the nipples had subsided so he was feeling brave.

“Ok, first number?”


I giggle. “Ball kicks. 15 reps.”

7 in and he’s begging for a break.

“Anything You want you said… you want to make Mistress happy don’t you?”

“Yes” and his head bows. he looks at the clock, 45 mins to go and he knows I mean business.

We continue with tawsing, wire brush, paddle etc till he is in a complete state. Every time he eggs Me on I shut him down with searing, unimaginable pain. I’m making him My bitch.


“Swearing?” I put a staple in his ass. “I will staple you every time you swear”

“Fuck.. Fuck.. Shit”

Two in his ass and, to wipe the smirk off his face, one in his scrotum. He minds his mouth for rest of the session…

After the game I conclude the session and he asks about the staples. I seem to have ‘misplaced’ My snips…

he’ll be back. I have his watch he left as he left in a subby daze.

So tomorrow… Massive filming day. Corporal punishment at 11am followed by a special clip with lots of humiliation. Will blog about this tomorrow 😉