Human Punchbag

Ground and Pound with a Training Partner. This could be you...
Ground and Pound with a Training Partner. This could be you…

Become Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie’s Personal Punchbag… Contact Megara to book your beatdown, face slapping, punch bag session now, sissy.

Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie has long been an avid fan of Muay Thai, Boxing and General Fitness. Mistress’ clips4sale store’s best selling clips are based around this type of session. Muay Thai Beatdowns and brutal face slapping are the top selling clips so it is only natural for Mistress to want to elaborate and build on this. To see you land in a heap from one of Her kicks or cry like a little sissy from one of Her brutal slaps is a real turn on and source of great amusement.


Mistress weight trains 3 times per week and attends Martial Arts classes twice a week. She is consistently honing Her fight skills and increasing Her strength and stamina to always be the best Woman and Domme She physically can be whilst instilling within Herself, an air of real, ingrained confidence you will find impossible to ignore.


If you crave this type of session on a regular basis then Mistress Megara has a fantastic opportunity for you to experience Her might in exchange for funding Her fitness lifestyle. Read on…

Megara enjoys training at both City Gym in Glasgow and the North Griphouse and invites applications from slaves to fund this in exchange for becoming her personal human punchbag.


Costs are as follows:

City Gym £38/month or £450/year

Griphouse £60/month or £500/year


In exchange for one half hour session per month (normally £100) for Mistress Megara to practice Her skills and assess Her progress. Pay for both and Mistress will give you One Hour of Her time to be used as Her Personal punchbag.


Contact Mistress to apply.