As a first timer or new client, it can be daunting to call and book your first session. Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie completely understands and appreciates this. Sweats, nerves, the sheer thought of ‘will I be able to go through with this?’ are all perfectly normal responses.

I may look intimidating and boy, I can turn it on when I want to, but I love being given the opportunity to introduce a newbie or inexperienced sub and explore their kinks with them. Two of My absolute favourite subs/slaves were a nervous wreck when they first contacted; now We have some of the most mind blowing sessions because they made that first step and never looked back. The joy it gives me to see them develop and grow into a reflection on Me that I can be proud of is one of the driving factors in the very essence of who I am.

PRE-CARE is as important as aftercare

I work from My own space and leave plenty of time between sessions which gives Me ample leeway on time to be able to calm you, consult with you and settle you in before your session starts. This is an integral part of your experience which will never be overlooked. If you have specific questions then ask away. If you need a glass of water to calm your anxiety then it is ok to ask. I’m your Mistress not your enemy.

Sessions are supposed to be FUN

One of the things I find scares potential newbies off is their own perception of what a Dominatrix is and how a session will go… In My studio, I never shout, I am polite and will use please and thank you. I do expect the same but that is just good manners. I can also swear like a sailor and will often use humour to lighten up what is potentially a very dark, intense environment. Light-hearted banter is My default, I’m a naturally playful Lady but if you do enjoy the menacing, mean, bitch then believe Me, I can make things very uncomfortable indeed with nothing more than a look. A one trick pony I certainly am not.

AFTERCARE is more than a quick goodbye

I know how daunting it can be before, yes, but I know equally how emotional you can feel afterwards. Particularly after an intense session. you have just put your absolute trust in Me and My abilities, you will feel relief, pride, elation, sometimes even a little shame at what you have just done which is normal and will gradually pass as you learn to accept yourself and your kinks and know you are exploring those in a safe, sane, consensual and most importantly, Non Judgemental environment. (I am a champion of Kink Acceptance and this shows.) So after sessions I like to have a chat, maybe a cup of tea, debrief what just happened and your thoughts on the session and what you feel went right and what you need to include/exclude for next time. I do mean next time.

An HOUR or a Lifetime?

Understandably, some of you are just passing through. Some are just trying out a new fetish before trying this out with a potential partner. Some are just seeing if you like it? I’m always happy to accommodate these sessions but ideally, what I am looking for is long term subs. I love to get to know people over time and build a relationship and trust with you as you develop your tastes and evolve as a kinkster. Whether this means training you up from the start or helping you with a specific thing you like – I get the most enjoyment out of getting to know you, learning all those little buttons to push and how exactly to push them to get those reactions I love. Perhaps you will remain a sub, perhaps you will evolve into My slave… Either way I want you to come back and will make every effort to be creatively memorable so you will work that little bit harder and crave the next time you see Me. After all, a new sub to me is a blank canvas for me to express Myself on. There is little I love more in this life than moulding, shaping, manipulating and leading a nervous newbie into becoming a confident, loyal submissive to his Mistress.


So now you have read this and are ready to contact… Please visit My contact page for details on how to do this. I’m waiting.

“I felt your fingernails drag down the warm skin of my back and I think I felt fire beneath them. You are the only magic I know of that shows power without taking any away in the process”

– Tyler Knott Gregson

“Humans are the only animal on this planet who deny themselves what they really want. They are also the only animal who experiences regret and sadness at things that went unaccomplished in their life. Lions don’t give a fuck what the other animals think. They hunt, they fight and they live. Don’t let ignoring your true self and your kinks be your regret. Be a lion.”

 – Megara Furie