Roleplay and Humiliation

From the time you contact Me, I am already analysing the language and tone you use, how you behave when calling for instructions is also a test and the minute you walk through My doors, you are being thoroughly assessed and I am onto you. Picking up on the littlest details about you just from your body language, tone of speech, how you carry yourself gives Me all the information I need to completely debase and break you, swiping the proverbial carpet from under your feet before you even have a chance to think. When I’m talking to you, you are listening. When I’m not, I am taking detailed stock of your actions and reactions.

I haven’t even started on public humiliation yet…

And, I won’t. Because I have a tonne of roleplay scenarios I would rather mention, some of which I have played out in variations in the past and some I have designed for the future.

The Gungey Gameshow Host and the bumbling contestant

Surprise! you find yourself on a gameshow, there is a huge audience and you’re being asked a tonne of impossible questions. you may be dressed up, sissified and made to perform humiliating tasks but when the quiz comes along every wrong answer gets you pied or gunged until you meet the final gunge. A giant container of brightly coloured gunge over your sorry little head.

The Girlfriend Experience

Ever fantasised what it would be like to actually date Me? Long walks in the park? Cosy nights in? Dinner dates and expensive wines? I’m laughing as I type this. Just look at My dating record on twitter – I’ve had more boyfriends than hot dinners. I’m a fucking nightmare. I take absolutely zero crap, I’m quick to eliminate and I have supremely high standards with little to no return on investment for you. Let’s see if you can last a session with Me in My element. I’m aloof, I can’t hide My disdain at the fact I truly believe I am far too good for you. Besides, I have always fancied your Best Mate. He’s so strong and has a huge dick (oops, I mean, I heard from someone). I’ll expect you to do everything in your power to cater to My whims and moods. Just, keep Me smiling, that’s the objective, no matter what that takes. Initial gift expected.

Strict Aunty Comes to Stay

you know that fun Aunty everyone has? Yeah that’s not Me. you aren’t My flesh and blood so I really don’t give a shit about you. In fact, I secretly loathe the fact I have to put up with you and I just can’t hide it. Anything to make sure you are seen and not heard. Corner time, OTK, predicament bondage… I have ways to keep you quiet but really, I enjoy making you fuck up so I can punish you like the sniveller you are.

The Femme-Fatale

Ever fantasised about being a spy? I have the means and resources to make that come true. Sent to locations around town, approached by complete Strangers with Whom you’ll perform specific tasks and further instructions on the next location upon completion. At some stage you may be kidnapped and taken to a location where you’ll be tortured for information on the People you have met. Or you may be ordered to come back to HQ for a debrief. Either way I will extract the information I require from you using any means necessary.

I have way more but these are just tasters to whet your appetite for your next session with Me. If you have a particular scenario you wish to discuss, lay it out for My consideration. I do enjoy a meaty scene.