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You have reached the site of Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie

Here are a few things you should know…

Mistress does not provide sexual services or nudity

Mistress will only answer respectful calls or emails

Mistress operates a RACK policy with safewords

Mistress will never share your information with any 3rd parties

This site contains no pornographic material however some content may not be suitable for persons under 21 or the easily offended. If you are either please click to leave this site and go to a friendlier place full of nice things like kittens.

A proud member of GMBScotland – Trade Union protection for ALL Sex Industry Workers. Join today to get legal protection and join the fight for equal workers rights and protections.

A note to Parents and Guardians of minors…

There will be occassions where your young person accesses or is curious about porn. This has been highlighted by recent changes in the law to protect them. As a responsible kinkster I am happy to comply with anything that will keep young minds safe until they are old enough to seek out and handle content with maturity and an adult approach. However, there will still be those determined ones who use proxies or fraudulent means to access content not meant for their eyes and that is where you come in.
Don’t let their education come from schools (notoriously poor and brief), friends (lacking in accuracy), partners (who may have a negative agenda) or porn (most of which is fake and unrealistic which could create pressure and self esteem issues). Take control of this to build their sense of self worth, boundary setting, sexual health and relationship standards.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources you can call on to keep your young uns safe and eyes averted from adult content. Take the responsibility to do so and please, please have the difficult chats with them to educate them and increase their understanding of what a healthy attitude to sex and relationships should be with a little help and guidance from the following organisations (and many more)…



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