About Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie

Strong, intelligent, charming Glasgow Mistress.

(Qualified NLP Practitioner)

Mistress loves to control, hurt and Dominate people who love to be controlled, hurt and Dominated. Most of all – Mistress loves reactions.

The sound of a cane swishing through the air, a tawse snapping across your bare, exposed hands, a flogger licking your back and buttocks followed by the glazy eyes, whimpers and breathy thank yous of a slave who has just been put severely in his place… Heaven.

The change in expression on your face when you realise that Mistress has you exactly where She wants you; the confusion that cascades across your dazed expression when She outwits you at every turn and the look of a broken man when you realise that there is no way out – and you succumb to your fetish. To Megara. Beautiful.

As a Mistress who believes in mutual enjoyment, it excites and drives Her to see you react. It turns Mistress on to have that power over your mind and body displayed for Her to see. Give an inch and rest assured Megara will take a mile from you. This Dominatrix needs everything you have to give will go to necessary lengths to retrieve.

As an experienced Mistress, Megara has a broad spectrum of skills and loves to experience with subs of all levels. Limits will be respected but be prepared that when a slave is truly indulged those boundaries are liable to be pushed (ever so slightly) bringing endorphic exhilaration and absolute submission. Fetish itself is irrelevant – the reactions are what matter so all Mistress asks is that you show up, physically and mentally and allow yourself to fall deeply into the subspace Mistress will create for you, regardless of your fetish.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? you have finally found what you have been looking for. What you crave to feel good. Hesitation is the enemy of indulgence. Contact Mistress Megara immediately to report for correction.