Berlin 9-15th September

534216_521159194564925_2032655778_nHey everyone,

I am in the beautiful city of Berlin until the 15th of September. I am available every day for sessions, the more, the better as I would like to experience what the German’s are into and see what the fetish scene is like in Europe 😉 I have heard great things!

I would also welcome some company to any of the Folsom events or just for a beer or coffee. Experiences shared are always better.

I will be honest though, the place freaks Me out a little. The remains of the concentration camps and Berlin Wall conjure up all sorts of images in My imagination, so much so that I read some of the leaflets before bed and had a horrific nightmare about them. Brr.. Thankfully it was only a dream but I think I shall be avoiding those places and sticking to the fun, positive places instead 🙂

I don’t have a phone so if you want to get hold of Me, email Me on which I will check every day while here.

Hope to meet some of you soon!

Megara xxx