Cellmate Chastity Device Offers Exciting New Keyholding Options

Mistress K, the proprietor at the House of Denial chastity device website, recently emailed me to tell me all about the exciting new chastity cage that she’s just started selling. The new device connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth then you can send a keyholder permission to control the lock using an app. No more keys to carry around. Instead, I can control you from my phone. It’s a fantastic innovation and, as a chastity keyholder, it opens up options that weren’t previously available. The question is, does it really work or are the claims all a lie? I responded to the email to find out more.

The new chastity cage produced by Qiui is called the Cellmate and it’s available in 2 different lengths; regular and long. It’s made of polycarbonate, which means it’s lightweight and you’ll forget that you’re wearing it. Well, until I tease you. Instead of a more common padlock that most chastity devices use to stay locked to you this cage has a locking pin that you simply slide into the cage to lock it. Once you hand over control to the lock via the app I’ll be the only person who can unlock you, which is exactly what you want isn’t it? 

When you buy the Cellmate you’ll receive a cage in the length of your choice, 2 back rings in different sizes and a small instruction manual in the box. Before you can unlock and start wearing the cage you’ll need to download and install the free phone app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Once it finishes installing you can then set up a user ID that will be unique to you and used to connect with your keyholder. The setup process takes around 10 minutes and is easy to get sorted. Now the real fun can begin. For me, not for you.

The question I wanted answering was does it really work? Easy. Yes, it does. The cage communicates with your phone through bluetooth then, as long as both the wearer and keyholder have an internet connection, the app will unlock the lock when it’s told to.

As a pro-domme who offers distance chastity keyholding and during sessions the Cellmate provides a number of exciting new benefits for myself and those who serve Me. 

It’s always recommended that chastity subs keep a spare key to their chastity cage close to hand in the case of emergencies. You can put it in a safe or freeze it in an ice cube. Either way, it’s generally readily available and that’s not ideal if you want the feeling of your Mistress having full control over your cock and orgasms. The Cellmate removes this requirement. If you need to be released due to an emergency you can send an unlock request via the app. Within seconds of accepting this request the lock will release and you’ll be free to remove it. I can also track every time the cage is unlocked on the app, so if you release yourself without permission I’ll know about it.

Another issue with distance chastity that can cause issues is when a padlock key needs to be sent through the post. On the whole the mail service is reliable and delivers promptly, but on occasion things do get lost. When your cock is locked up and the key to your cage gets lost you’ve every right to panic. Thankfully the Cellmate again comes to our rescue. There’s no physical key necessary. I can unlock you from the cage from anywhere in the world through the app. One click of my finger and the lock pops open. Simple as that.

Interested in buying a Cellmate for yourself and having me take control of your orgasms as your keyholder? Buy the Cellmate from the House of Denial website here: https://www.houseofdenial.com They ship worldwide in plain, discreet packaging and have express postage options if you just can’t wait to get your hands on one.

If you’d like to discuss the chastity keyholding services that I offer for online slaves or in sessions you can find my contact details here to discuss this further.