Dear subs, Dos and Don’ts, Regards – Megara

Megara F


Call 07526655457 or email to book

Have your Likes, Limits, Health Issues and a Definite Time, Date and Length of session prepared. I need these basic items to book an appointment with anyone who calls.

Have a pen to hand as I will give you information and no, I will not ‘just text ye it err’

Be prepared to pay a deposit on the day. I will Not session without one.

Understand that this is a professional service and there are boundaries in place to keep both of U/us safe.

Arrive promptly. I will not add time on because you have chosen to turn up late.


Send Me photos of yourself or lengthy explanations re your appearance. I do not care what you look like. I care about likes, limits, health issues, appointment times and deposits.

I love My job and I love building connections with people I session with. However, like any other therapist or professional you have rapport with and trust, this extends to sessions only. I have a great deal of clients and I divide My professional attention equally between everyone. I also have a super busy personal and social life which I am entitled to enjoy. If you have an urgent mental health concern, call your Dr. I am not qualified in anything other than Kink and Fetish.

Don’t delude yourself with the belief that because W/we have a connection in session and I pay attention to your needs in that respect that you now own any part of Me or are entitled to encroach upon My personal life. If I feel that you are becoming unsafe, taking up too much time with drama or developing a sense of entitlement/over-familiarity you will be immediately ex-communicated.