Glasgow Mistress Megara’s Thursday Club – subs required!

Lying back, being waited on hand and foot… Bliss 🙂

So over the past 3 weeks I have been conducting a talent share club with residents in My building. We choose a theme, meet in the courtyard and eat, drink, be merry while showing off and teaching each other various skills and talents including knife throwing and fire eating – it really is quite spectacular and We have forged some amazing friendships with each other. Everyone who attends is kink friendly and this has grown into a lovely micro-community within Paisley. We get on so well because Our core values are positivity, happiness and doing good which in turn attracts these things into Our lives.

I am the host of these events and play is permitted within My studio and it has grown so much I am now looking for a sub to serve at the next event and possibly future events. I also require a maid to come and clean on the Friday after the event.

The sub(s) I am looking for will be polite, courteous, able to think on their feet, drama free, trustworthy, respectful and happy. The sub will be required to remain absolutely sober and will not be permitted to approach any guests for play. The evenings are of a FemDom nature and any playtime the sub receives will be conducted at My discretion. Similarly, the maid will be required to be scrupulous and able to work quietly and use their own initiative.

If you would like to apply, please send a polite email, with experience and references to

I look forward to hearing from you.