Glasgow Triple Trouble Session – with Mistress Ana, Mistress Lilith

I could dither on about the session Myself but he wrote this lovely piece so why bother? Fucking love when subs do all the work…
A Kind Review…
A few days ago i had my first triple-domination session with Mistresses Megara, Lilith and Ana in Glasgow. i had asked Them for a corporal punishment session, and that i’m not told in advance what They planned, because i like to be surprised. Of course i was quite nervous at the beginning, being with three experienced sadists in one room, but i enjoy being challenged.
The session started with Mistress Lilith giving me some hard face slaps, and if you don’t know Her yet, then let me tell you: She is an extremely strong woman! Next, She told me to lay down, and She used a skin stapler to give me a vagina, which they would later abuse.
Mistress Megara then made me wear thick rubber bands around my chest, waist, arms and legs. Then the three Mistresses took turns pulling at them and letting them snap back, which left red, blue, and black marks all over my body. The stinging sensation was intense, and i could see how much the Mistresses enjoyed themselves.
Next, They outfitted me with electric dog collars around my legs, and an electric butt plug, and They shocked me with a cattle prod to make me dance for their amusement. They also zapped my new vagina, and i was pretty soon exhausted from “dancing” and trying to evade the prod.
When this was over, and i was allowed to rest on a kind of stretcher, where They strapped me down, and continued to beat my butt and legs with canes, a flogger, and a bullwhip. With this i really had to fight to take it, especially when Mistress Ana turned to punish me with bastinado. i like to have my limits pushed though, and these three Ladies certainly know how to do it 🙂
The session continued with some nipple torture, where Mistress Lilith held me down in a wrestling hold, and Mistresses Megara and Ana put needles in my nipples and twisted them.
Finally, Mistress Megara asked me questions of a geography test, and for each wrong answer i was punished by face slapping, being hit with large dildos, or having to gag on one of them.
So if you’re a maso like me, i can highly recommend to book a session with these three amazing Dominatrices! Their sadistic creativity and enthusiasm is unparalleled, and They definitely know how to make you suffer. At the same time, i always felt safe during the session, and They were careful to treat me on a level that was right for me. i can’t wait to go back to Scotland for more!