New Home!

After 3 long years of working, saving and stressing, I have finally bought My Own home. I cannot quite believe it Myself yet as it seemed like such an unobtainable goal but just goes to show, with hard work, determination and support from some extraordinary friends and family – it can happen.

Soooo – what’s the new place like? Will I still have a dungeon? When do I move? I’m sure you have questions so here are the details you need.

Where? And how do you get there?

I have bought a large 2 bedroom flat in Springburn, Glasgow. The nearest train station is Springburn which is a 10 min journey from Queen Street. Far more accessible for Glasgow and Edinburgh based clients which is something I am really quite excited about.

What’s it like?

The flat itself needs no work which is amazing but there is a lintel needing replaced above the back door that can wait for a bit (unless any of you are builders and wish to offer some help?)

I have My Own garden, a main entrance (no more communal stairwells) and… Wait for it… A SEPARATE BASEMENT with plumbing, insulation, flooring and heating as the owner’s daughter used to live there. The basement also has it’s own entrance for added discretion.

The basement itself is split into two rooms which is perfect. I will reconstruct the scaffolding bed in one room and make this into a beautiful, boudoir bedroom which couples and travelling Dommes may rent overnight. The door will be fitted with a keycode entry system so renting couples and Dommes will be issued with their own code which will work for a specific period of time. So discretion-wise this will be ideal for couples and allows Dommes to come and go with no hassles. I will use the other room for play items including some new items I will be building and setting up. I would like to have a wetroom put in for sploshing, watersports etc so if anyone has skills in this area, please contact Me.

When do I move?

Completion date is 4th August 2015. I will pick up the keys and move from that day on. Priority will be the dungeon equipment as I need to be up and running again ASAP – helping hands, guys with vans all welcome to chip in.

As soon as I can, I’ll get back in and take some photos of the basement so you can start to imagine what the space will be like and how awesome it will be to be hurt in it 😉 Of course, having My own garden and separate space means I can throw proper kink nights and CFNM parties without worrying about personal belongings.

This is all the info I have now but will keep you updated with any progress.


Special thanks goes to My Mum, My Sister, My Dad, Uncle Joe, Mistress Ana, Helen Brown, Mistress Absolute, Mistress Lilith, Iain for getting Me drunk and putting up with My moods and that elbow to the face, mats nidus, rachel vincent and the husbitch, along with every single kinkster I know or have sessioned with for keeping Me in business – you have all helped make this possible!


I love you all xxx