New Review – @talktartan on Twitter

From the first point of contact with Megara i felt at ease. i didn’t give her very much information to work with in regard to my specific kinks other than i enjoyed CP and handing over control to someone else. i also mentioned that in the past few years i had let myself go in terms of healthy living choices.

Megara had just recently moved into her new home/premises when i attended for my first apoointment with her. She showed me round what was to become her work space and i was immediately bowled over by her vision and enthusiasm. The enthusiastic sparkle lasted throughout the session and i felt that i’d come home. i felt so comfortable in her presence and her sense of humour was akin to my own. There were a few firsts for me during that initial session and it was everything i had hoped for and more. At the end of the session Megara  gave me some guidance with regard to making healthy lifestyle choices that included her suggesting an eating and exersise plan and recommending a more appropriate bedtime (my sleep pattern was non existent). Megara’s guidance and support did not end when the session finished, she asked me to update her regularly on my progress, which motivates me to stay focussed on what i need to do to make the changes i want to make to be healthier.  Ultimately i am responsible for my own wellbeing, but it helps to feel that i am accountable to someone for the lifestyle choices i make. Megara makes this fun, but also tightens the reins when required and since i can be a tad bratty, i’m sure i’ll be reined in on more than a few occasions.

It’s very easy to see why Megara is successful at what she does. She is a skilled, very intellegent and beautiful woman with a passion for her art and a clear vision of the direction she wants to take. Her infectious and often sadistic laughter echoes round the atmospheric dungeon she designed and renovated in the basement of her home, and you wonder what delights she has in store for you… after all you have put yourself in her very capable hands.

Megara’s website says that ideally she is looking for long term submissives in addition to those of us who pass through, and hopefully i have shown that i am eager to be considered one of her subs when i have proven myself worthy of that honour.

Thank You Lady for nurturing that part of me that has for so long been dormant. Thank You for Your guidance, patience and understanding. i will make You proud x