New Review 

I got this review a while ago but I hate computers. I just discovered the app. Prepare to be dazzled with blog posts, reviews and musings. 

From sub l…. 

well how can I sum up the session in lets give it a go

I was met at the door to Megara’s awesome chambers by the mistress her self with a huge smile and a very friendly face

we spent some time talking getting all the details sorted and then we got started, she is a very friendly person who would be great for newbies and vets alike
now the session she wasted no time in putting me in my place teasing my little caged cock and making sure I knew who was boss

after a short time I was being teased with her wand while being rammed in the ass by her dildo, the next thing I knew she had me bent over the table and was thrusting her strap-on deep into my little sissy ass, the positions she had me in where intense to say the least making me stare deep into her eyes while I was riding her strap-on as she was holding my throat, next it was the orgasm torture she made me cum again and again feeding me my cum every time to the point that my clitty stick was throbbing with pain and all I could taste was my own cum, 
sadly the session had to end but there will be another and at the end you are not rushed out its really the best time I have ever had with a mistress and my search is over after four other mistresses I have found the one for me!! worlds apart from the rest listens to what you want and well frankly she is fucking stunning!! and knows how to make a guy quiver with fear and pleasure all at once! it took hours for my legs to stop shaking from pleasure!