Just some reviews Mistress has had in the past… Feel free to email Mistress with details of your experience…



Hi Mistress Furie

So I finally got around to writing the review I promised you, sorry for the delay been a bit busy recently, so uh here goes:

Recently I had my first real session with a Mistress, before going in I was extremely cocky and overconfident mainly due to prior mistresses not being able to dish out anything close to what Megara can. Honestly I am so so glad I sessioned with her it was an amazing lesson in humility and learning when to hold my tongue. Mistress Furie is like absolutely no other she can both make you feel completely at ease and relaxed before completely destroying you any resistance you had to her. At no point did I feel any fear or danger, I felt an absolutely fantastic amount of pain but I was also able to give myself over to Megara completely due to feeling like she was totally in control of everything happening.

Our session was filmed and included a number of fantasies I’ve been wanting to play out for some time, starting with foot and leg worship before moving onto punishment and feminisation before Megara finished by stretching out and fucking my ass. She was extremely passionate the whole time and seemed to be enjoying torturing me almost as much as I enjoyed receiving torture from her. I especially liked when to punish me for not being able to withstand her caning my balls she used a skin stapler to give me a pussy before relentlessly teasing me with an incredibly powerful vibrator. She is also so incredibly good at anal play, I can say confidently as a bi man I have never been fucked better than by Megara.

Mistress made it her mission to break me as fast as possible, this was due to me making the outlandish claim of having no pain threshold. In hindsight this was a very very bad idea as Megara managed to break me in as little as six strokes of her cane. My back end is still red and I’m writing this three days after the fact.

Overall sessioning with Megara was one of the most exciting and enjoyable things I have ever done. I will be back with her as often as I am able to be, anyone who is on the fence should definitely see her as, despite being able to quite literally bring me to my knees, she is an artist in her craft and knows just how far to push anyone while being in control of the situation

Finally I would just like to thank Megara herself again for an amazing session. she’s probably sick of hearing it but I am extremely grateful.


***NEW REVIEW – 5 Hour Session***


I enjoyed the session and the time went by so quickly. I really liked your friendly attitude and your big smile which could also be very sadistic at the same time. It was a welcoming atmosphere all the way through. As a foreigner it was nice to be taken care especially when you are a confused in a new town. The corporal punishment (CP) was strange in a good way. It was my first time trying CP and I honestly didn’t know that I would start giggling when the pain became too intensive but I can assure you that the pain was real despite the smile on my face.  Today my butt is swollen and has changed color from red to an intensive PURPLE (I had to take a picture because it looked to funny). What a nice souvenir from Glasgow! In summary I would definitively want to do it again but more as a form of punishment for misbehavior or something similar but as a first try it was an excellent level.

The” bingo” game was definitely a new thing for me. It was intriguing to pick a number not knowing what punishment would come. I strongly remembered that I almost manage to choose only CBT activities in one round! Before the session CBT was not really my strong side but perhaps I should reconsider it! Apparently I never had a real face slapping before. My ears were ringing a little bit after each slap and having your champagne was so good.  The list could go on here. However, the only negative that I felt with the “bingo” game was that it went on a bit too long.  In the end I had problem to concentrate and stay focused on the tasks. I liked the idea you had about saying a nr that was already used will get you spanked or punished again.  Regardless, the smile on your face when I picked CBT three times in a row was just priceless.

The part that I liked the most was the strap-on action. I was really amazed on how good you were at fucking me! To be honest I didn’t want you to stop and the harder you fucked me the more submissive I became and I really felt like a worthless little slut being used.  Maybe I do like anal role-play games more than I thought! However, I was so disappointed that I couldn´t relief myself when you commanded me to do so.  You even tried to help me on my way and still I didn’t manage to do it. I´m so sorry and ashamed about that and I can´t explain it. Unfortunately I felt that this part was a little bit to short and stressful. Maybe the “bingo” game took more time than you though it would? Regardless, I was intrigued by the ideas you had about the candle wax and how your fucking machine could get me from behind while you take me in front of you. Again, the way you fucked me was really really good.To have a session focused on being orally and anal humiliated by your strap-on sounds very tempting.  



A few days ago i had my first triple-domination session with Mistresses Megara, Lilith and Ana in Glasgow. i had asked Them for a corporal punishment session, and that i’m not told in advance what They planned, because i like to be surprised. Of course i was quite nervous at the beginning, being with three experienced sadists in one room, but i enjoy being challenged.

The session started with Mistress Lilith giving me some hard face slaps, and if you don’t know Her yet, then let me tell you: She is an extremely strong woman! Next, She told me to lay down, and She used a skin stapler to give me a vagina, which they would later abuse.

Mistress Megara then made me wear thick rubber bands around my chest, waist, arms and legs. Then the three Mistresses took turns pulling at them and letting them snap back, which left red, blue, and black marks all over my body. The stinging sensation was intense, and i could see how much the Mistresses enjoyed themselves.

Next, They outfitted me with electric dog collars around my legs, and an electric butt plug, and They shocked me with a cattle prod to make me dance for their amusement. They also zapped my new vagina, and i was pretty soon exhausted from “dancing” and trying to evade the prod.

When this was over, and i was allowed to rest on a kind of stretcher, where They strapped me down, and continued to beat my butt and legs with canes, a flogger, and a bullwhip. With this i really had to fight to take it, especially when Mistress Ana turned to punish me with bastinado. i like to have my limits pushed though, and these three Ladies certainly know how to do it 🙂

The session continued with some nipple torture, where Mistress Lilith held me down in a wrestling hold, and Mistresses Megara and Ana put needles in my nipples and twisted them.

Finally, Mistress Megara asked me questions of a geography test, and for each wrong answer i was punished by face slapping, being hit with large dildos, or having to gag on one of them.

So if you’re a maso like me, i can highly recommend to book a session with these three amazing Dominatrices! Their sadistic creativity and enthusiasm is unparalleled, and They definitely know how to make you suffer. At the same time, i always felt safe during the session, and They were careful to treat me on a level that was right for me. i can’t wait to go back to Scotland for more!


Why Mistress Megara Furie is Amazing

Dear Mistress Megara, writing a laudation, if not a hagiography, for You is a great pleasure for me. When i joined Twitter in the fall of 2013, i followed hundreds of Mistresses, because i was looking for a way to broaden my horizon, and to make new experiences. But very soon i found out that there was (and is) a very special Dominatrix out there, who captivated me. It began with a video clip on, where You looked down at me, and where You achieved something, that very few Mistresses were able to do. There was a natural aura of authority like i never saw before. It was not only Your beauty, or the grace with which You moved. Here i saw someone, who could genuinely scare and intimidate me. Self-confidence and assertivenes are something that someone either has or not, and which cannot be simulated credibly by simply putting on a leather outfit. i knew that the calmnes You exuded was characteristic for a person of immense inner strength and personality. In the following months i got to know You better, and i was delighted to find out that You have so many more qualities as a human, that i wondered how it was actually possible that You exist. Obviously one of the things i noticed, was that You have a scientific mind similar to mine. In today’s age, where superstition and irrationality seem to sprout, this is rare, and beautiful to see. Even more remarkable was Your positive attitude when talking to people on Twitter. Often, when i thought a tweet would deserve a harsh response, You showed me that it was possible to deal with it in a much more patient and superior way. This positivity i’ve continued to admire through the whole time i’ve been following You. Another (smaller) thing i noticed with plaesure, was that we share an interest in hiking. This mixture of a down-to-earth attitude and having an open mind for kinky and unusual things sets You apart from everyone else on this planet. In fact, it is so unlikely that someone like You exists, You might form Your own kind of superior species.

Then came the first time i had the honour to meet You for a real time session. i will never forget the moment when i first saw You in real life in front of me. i was nervous as hell, considering that You were only the second Mistress i have sessioned with. It was impossible for me to gauge what would happen. In Your video clips i had seen that You could sometimes be quite lenient with slaves, but on the other hand i knew You had a strong sadistic streek. So i had no clue

what to expect. When You told me, during our walk to the dungeon, that You just had choked someone in Barcelona so hard that he passed out (right before O/our first session!), i ’became afraid of my own courage’, as a German saying goes. Anyway, i was looking for someone who was able to stretch my limits, someone who i could be a little bit scared of, who has fun to be sadistic, and You gave me all that and more during the session. A decade ago this has been labeled ’shock-and-awe’ tactics i believe, and it worked wonders on me. You had not only the physical strength, but also the right spirit, to hit and kick me hard, turn my butt into minced meat, whip me senseless, and many things more. As happens so very often, there was a little thing that told me more about You than anything else: It was this board with pointy nubs on it, on which You told me to sit. Everyone else would have made me sit on it before spanking and caning, as a kind of warm-up. That You made me do it afterwards, showed me that You truly have an admirably sadistic spirit. My admiration for You reached a new height, which i didn’t think possible. This session is unforgettable for me, and it will always serve as a reminder for me, that You can be mean and dangerous, and thus it adds to the thrill of any session to come, even when W/we are only playing lightly.

Afterwards i had the great pleasure to enjoy Your company during the afternoon, and i got to know the charming, witty, and sweet Megara. i have to admit that i do not remember much of the first half hour, only that W/we missed a couple of trains, because i was still in a daze, and too confused to even talk straihgt. But Your friendly, open way of talking eased me up, and i had a wonderful afternoon. After learning about all the great traits You have, it was another miracle that You turned out to be nice and approachable, too.

i notice that i am already above the 800 words count, so i have to be brief about O/our second session. You turned out to be just as great as a humiliatrix, as You were as a sadist. It was an honour to drink Your strong nectar. i would have drunken all of it, but being the weak slave that i am, i would have needed a bit of forceful encouragement from You. Later, the combination of tickle torture and pain was extremely mean, and You made me enjoy it like only You can do.

Finally, but at least equally importantly, i would like to mention something else. Your way of being bold and creative is a great inspiration for my own life. Be it the kinky paintball game, Your free-the-kink endeavour and the Your courage to give a speech at the university, or Your mentioning of the mud race recently. It

has encouraged me to dare to think about bigger goals of my own.

James. 20th Sept 2014.

I would like to share my recent experiences with lovely Mistress Megara Furie.

I must say it took a while for me to build up the courage to contact this Mistress. Having already seen some of Her clips, I wasn’t taking this lightly! I requested to do some filming with Her, focusing on ballbusting, trampling and beatdowns.

When I met Mistress She was looking just stunning in Her sexy outfit. And what a lovely girl to speak to; She has a real positive energy about Her. However, as the session was about to begin, a look came over Her face that made me think “Ooohh sshhiiittt!!” I’ve noticed that look in Her clips before….

Her role play abilities are simply amazing. As She scolded me I felt like a boy who really had done something terribly wrong. That Glasgow voice is so effective! From the first couple of face slaps I knew Miss wasn’t in the mood for messing around. And while I was certainly expecting Her kicks later on in the session to be painful, Her brutal use of the tawse really took me aback. I still have a big bruise on my hand!! She then proceeded to kick me in the balls many times and brought me to my knees with several. She was relentless; cruelly ordering me onto my feet again while I was still in pain. At one point when my hands were tied above my head, one of the clips somehow came off. I tried to put my hand back up in place before Miss noticed, but too late… the icy glance She gave me made me feel like I really screwed up bad this time! Mistress thought I had tried to escape and reprimanded me accordingly. So many times She made me forget that this was role play, as it all felt so real.

When Mistress decided to use me for a martial arts beating, the sheer power of her kicks, punches and knee strikes became apparent. One front kick just below my solar plexus nearly bent me double! She took me down again after slamming Her foot into my thigh two or three times. Mistress was not kidding when She told me that from now on, every time I sat down or got up, the pain would remind me of this punishment.

Toward the end, Miss Megara trampled me under Her stilettos. Both painful and exhilarating, it was a tremendous feeling. I felt totally submissive under those shoes. Loved it!! I was then ordered to worship Her shoes and massage Her perfect legs to finish; what more could I ask for?

From the word go, I was in no doubt whatsoever about Her total superiority over me. An awesome Domme and a remarkable woman. And very generous with Her valuable time. I’ve already booked my next session – can’t wait!

Thank You beautiful Mistress!!!

David 18/06/2014

Hi Megara,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the session. I’m really sore and bruised underneath, but honestly, never experienced anything so awesome. Can’t stop imagining you punching my balls, and standing on them. And even the barefoot kicks on all fours…wow! I know I complained a bit immediately after, but OMG, if you could magically teleport here right this instant, I’d have you do me another 5 just as hard right now.

The thing that really has my attention though, is the idea of this needle session we spoke about. Needles, corks, ribbon and lacing….sounds totally amazing! Sewing my cock to my balls to prevent a hard-on?!? Errm…yes please! Squeezing lemons on the piercings – OMG – exquisite! Please bring it on… and feel free to experiment.

I’m inclined to say pencil it in the diary as I’d like to give it a shot, no matter what my state of recovery. I reckon by Saturday though, I should be right enough to do that kind of a session.

If you do go to stock up on supplies for it, I reckon get a mixture of needle sizes. Mostly you’ll probably want to use the typical thin needles, but I think it would be “interesting” if you’d also have a few different larger sizes that you can use for surprise or variation, extra punishment, or whatever.

Wondering if there’s a way to incorporate that TENS device into the session…will let you think about that.

Last thing, but not least, I also wanted to say just how awesome you are. I really liked the way you conducted the whole session, the way you get into it, your compassion when needed, and no nonsense attitude when warranted. A great personality! On top of all that, you look physically fantastic. I could worship your legs literally all day…every day. Being kicked in the balls by those is truly a privilege, one that I hope to repeat next time I’m in the UK.

PS: had a couple of ideas for punishment bingo for next time…

Replace elbows with “tennis ball in a sock”. Whack the balls with that however many times.

Instead of booted kicks, you could insert a wee slice of chilli into the pee hole for 5, 10, … 20, seconds. I know you said you don’t do that sort of thing, but maybe you’d consider that one since it involves natural ingredients and isn’t likely to cause any damage. Your call on that one of course and I’d respect your decision if it’s not for you.

Peg ripping – attach 5, 10, 15, 20 pegs along underside of cock or balls, all joined together with a string, which you can pull to rip them all off.

Kind regards,

Nick 28/02/2014

Hi Mistress,

Its Nick from the session on Friday, was looking on your website again and seen you had a reviews section, so here is mine ..

“Well where to begin really, I had been toying with having a session with a Mistress for while now and after a couple of emails i had booked a session with Mistress Megara Furie for that same night. Even just talking on email i was nervous. I asked Mistress Megara if we could have a role-playing session, i won’t get into it too much but i basically wanted her to be ruthless, ballbusting, anal play and foot/heel worship. I arrived at Mistress Megara’s dungeon and as soon as i saw Megara i knew i made the right choice, I was shaking inside, so nervous, Mistress Megara is EXACTLY what i imagined, if not even more beautiful. Mistress Megara showed me in and the role playing session begun immediately as i requested with a pre-determined safe word. As i lay on the floor Mistress Megara gave me a few kicks to the balls which hurt, then when she stood me up, tied my hands up and kicked me again, i knew i was in trouble, it wasn’t a fantasy anymore, Mistress Megara had such a hard and brutal kick, i used my safe word after that hard kick. Mistress then asked me “shall we have a normal session now then?” The reason i am telling about the first part of my session is for the benefit of anyone wanting to see a domme for the first time, Megara gave me exactly what i asked for, and it was out of this world, she literally made my fantasy come to life, but i soon realised it was too much too soon, but the best part was Mistress Megara knew that, she untied me, sat and taught me a good few things and started working on finding out my limits. Basically Mistress Megara is the best Dominatrix to see if you are a seasoned slave or a newbie like myself. Mistress Megara has a massive scale of Domination. Absolutely lovely person inside and out, thank you so much for your time Mistress and showing me what you are capable of, i hope one day i can handle your “full throttle mode”.

Genuine thanks to you Mistress, I will be honest you scared the shit out of me when you had that hook in my ass and those kicks, but you soon gained my trust the way you dealt with me after that kick lol. I hope to keep in touch and see you when i am back from work.



Craig 2013.11.17 16:25
Mistress Megara is the most beautiful amazing and intelligent dom i could have ever wished to meet, really really enjoyed our meeting can’t wait for the next time maybe i’ll do myself proud . . .
Craig X

subjoe 2013.10.21 13:55
All I can say is wow. What a babe. Face and body. I went a few weeks back after about a year of considering it and just wow. The session gives you all that you can imagine in the sense that mistress is very dominating and puts you in your place. My session was for foot fetish and strap on. It started with me being allowed to lie on my back and just worship and lick her amazing feet. Best smell ever. And being made to kiss, smell and rub etc and then it went on to strap on but i was too tight so rather then hurt me she bent me over and fingered/dildoed my ass for about 20 minutes and it was incredible. couldnt believe it as i am a straight male and always will be but when i was told to relieve myself it was mind blowing. as soon as i have the £££ i will be back! recommended!

Al 2013.9.27 15:35
Wow – First visit to Mistress Megara Furie – certainly hope it wont be my last! Her devious mind worked out a game of punishment bingo. A devilish game with it seemed like no end! If you ask or beg for this treat(??) be prepared for the long haul. Mistress is stunning but merciless – she will take you to places youe didnt think were in you! quite simply thank you!!

Gemma Robertson 2013.7.2 19:29
I had my first session with Megara and what a wonderful experience it was. When I first saw her she is as beautiful as you could imagine with an amazing figure – not that the likes of me should be looking! Prior to the session we had a converstaion about the session and what I was looking for. This helped put me at ease (not that you could tell by looking as I was shaking like a leaf!).
Mistress went to get changed and appeared in a pair of, quite literally, killer heels and ordered me to strip before getting changed myself. Mistress Megara then helped me get ready and felt totally relaxed in her presence (hopefully I learned a thing or two as well).
Without wishing to reveal too much about the session (spoiler alert) the leg worship bit had a lovely surprise (or should I say a sting in the tale!). She is beautiful, intelligent and knows how to push the right buttons. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Thank you so much
Gemma x

themanfromdelmonte 2013.6.20 18:51
so i finally decided it was time for a trip to a Megara
after a couple of mails it was sorted
full of nerves and anticipation i rung the bell
the moment Megara answer the door i knew i should of done this a long time ago.
Megara was looking stunning. Bright red lipstick and short skirt showing off those beautiful long legs.
with a friendly smile i was welcomed in and shown around. the place was looking great and plenty of room for what was planned.
so after a brief chat she took me through and she sorted me right out.
i’ve still a big smile on my face thinking back. everything i wished was taken care of.
im a Megara worshipper now
well looking forward to my next session. highly recommened.
the man from del monte says “yes”

Bitch Boy D 2012.10.29 18:01
Megara was just finished a long trip away but still found time to reply to my session request via email stating where I had to be and when.
The final instruction in her email was “bring whipped cream.”
As I turned up the beautiful Megara pointed to a dark room, grabbed my bag off of me and said “get in there and strip naked, hands and knees on the floor don’t say a word.”
I was confronted very shortly by the sexy Mistress who wore a black latex skirt, long black saucy boots and a black corset as she knew this would rile me up.
Before I knew it I was over a bench being spanked, flogged and talked down to. Megara reminded me that this would be the start of a long road of worshipping her. Looking at me through the mirror she was clearly enjoying humiliating me. She made me confess to a whole lot of dirty secrets while she laughed and continued to dominate me. At one point I was on my knees and her face was very close to mine. She took great pleasure in telling me I was her bitch and there was nothing I could do about it. She was getting a kick out of slapping me then spitting in my mouth time and time again.
She made me thank her for humiliating me by having me kiss her gorgeous ass. Then she told me to get my clothes back on as she was fed up with me. As I thought my humiliation was over she came back in the room walked straight up to me, grabbed my jeans and pants with one hand, then started to pour whipped cream inside the front of my pants. It was almost the full bottle. She then explained, “that’s to remind you of me, won’t be the first time you will cream your pants thinking about me. We both know you will be back begging for more.”
She slapped my face spat in my mouth and chucked me out while wishing me luck for the journey home. She was right about a bunch of things. Mainly that I will be back begging for more.
Thank you Megara xxxx

Andy 2012.9.30 18:10
How can I write a review and put my experience into words? Well ok ill try.
Megara is an actual goddess, I was so nervous this being my first time going to a domme and really did not know what to expect or was even sure what I wanted out of it, but a quick pre-session chat with Megara put me at ease and as soon as we were in the dungeon, she put me in my place like a expert! Honestly one of the best afternoons ive had and I cant wait to return and make it happen again, without the nerves this time of course!
Also, I wanna add if your looking at Megara’s site and umming and ahhing and “thinking” about going to see her, DEFINITELY DO IT! I would recommend her services to absolutely anybody who is interested, she is an amazing domme, quick and inventive.. she is also so beautiful, really I mean she looks hot in her pictures but they do not prepare you for how stunning she is in real life!
I Really cant think of what else to say that would capture how amazing this women is, go see her and find out for yourself, you will not regret it!

Andy 2012.9.29 17:02
Choose megara for my first ever visit to a domme, i have to say i could not possibly have chose better. I was so nervous going to her place but within minutes she put me at ease before the session started. She is amazing and knows exactly what to do, also amazingly beautiful i mean if your sitting here looking at her pictures, she looks great but they do not prepare you for how gorgeous she is in real life.
i will DEFINATELY be back for another session and to anyone reading this wondering if they should go, i would definately say yes!!!

Craig 2012.7.23 15:41
I have to say, i have always been curious about being dominated, it has been in the back of my head for a few years, and I wasn’t sure if it was my thing or not but recently I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go, life is too short not to try the things you want to.
After a few days of looking at various websites i decided on Megara and I could not have made a better choice.
She is a lovely girl, even more gorgeous in real life and very friendly, she gave me directions to find her premises and once there she put me at ease straight away.
I did feel a very nervous, and didn’t really know what I wanted but i can honestly say if anyone is in two minds wether to just go for it and make a booking then I can hand on heart say, do it!
So to sum up, treat her with respect, make a booking, go for it and you will not be sorry.
I am glad I did.
Craig x

Jam Today 2012.6.11 23:42
Whether dressed in killer heels, pencil skirt or hot pink lingerie, megara will splosh you to within an inch of your life. Her dungeon looks nice and clean, but give it a few minutes, a pile of bowls of custard, angel delight, porage and more will arrive to start giving the room a quite different complexion. Often some of it is not a surprise as I whipped up in angel delight; whereas in others the gloop over the head came out of nowhere. What is strange and really quite hot is megara’s ability to stay immaculate while the tons of beans etc dripped down me or my boxers bulge with goo. I do remember a drop (a ml) of custard hit her shoes once… I paid or was that pied! I also recommend a go at sploshcamp… although with no grip and a pie and custard under your face, it might not help the calories with the amount of food that is involved. Importantly for sploshing I also learnt the measurement of viscosity… so when all said it has been hot, sploshy and educational.

Virgil Tracy 2012.5.20 10:48
Good morning Megara Furie,I love the website,I like the pictures and semantics.My favourite pic is slide 16 in your mix up gallery but you also look really good in a doorway too.The spit pasta sounds lovely but your meatballs are a bit too spicey for me.Is there any chance of some pictures of you smiling in a black wet look mini dress?xx

Virgil Tracy 2012.5.19 21:43
I love the pictures and semantics.My favourite is slide 10 of 12.You also look good in a doorway!Any chance of some pics of you in a wet look mini dress?xx

Hamj 2012.5.7 20:09
She is very beautiful and very athletic, with stunning body and extra long sexy legs certainly skilled in busting balls. She proceeded to kick me, and that took me down right away, I couldn’t believe it. Plus it was somewhat humiliating, as she found it rather funny. She does bust balls in such a way it is hard to find someone as good. I recommend her to any one seeking a good and real kicking powerful and right to the point with no mercy. She has got the prettiest feet and toes in the whole world which I am dying for.

Jessica 2012.5.3 23:39
First time experience with a Dom and Ms, Megara really made me comfortable and at ease before the roleplay began, than she was very thing I wanted and so much more. Won’t hesitate for a second in booking again.

Dandantheman 2012.4.18 19:48
Just had a ballbusting, cock crushing and foot worship session with Megara, absolutely amazing! Megara is quick thinkingm quirky and very dominant! Megara loves to enjoy your pain and boy does she do a great job too, loved every kick, I even got to massage her wonderful, beautiful legs as she crushed my cock-AMAZING! Afterwards she let me worship her divine feet and I even had the pleasure of having them in my mouth, already booked another session, my advice do it! Oooo not to mention she is even more devine in reality than in the photos.

gavin 2012.3.10 23:17
I had an amazing session with Megara and Corporal Punishment today. It was by and far the best experience i have had. The web site enticed me to visit, the session blew me away. Megara is an exceptionally intelligent woman with many tricks up her sleeve. She is the real deal, and another positive is she looks even more amazing in real life then she does in her pictures. I will definitely be visiting again.

Ian 2012.2.18 17:19
Met Megara for the 1st time today & enjoyed a fantastic 3hr session of foot worship. Megara’s an amazing young Mistress who will ensure you have a memorable experience. I can’t wait to meet her again!!

Daniel 2011.10.25 19:57

had a wonderful session with mistress megara last week couldnt have asked for a better time . really looking forward to my next visit!

David P 2011.9.22 00:23
I’ve visited the new premises several times now. It was like breathing life back into my sessions as I was growing tired of the space restrictions at her old domain. For role play the setting is out of this world and each session has had a completely new vibe and setting. Also as many of my associates work in the city centre I can be sure there wont be any embarrassing encounters here. Can’t wait for my next session! Cream of the crop!

Hugh 2011.9.21 15:05
Just had another fabulous session with the mistress. Pleased to see she has added a school belt to her collection which was used to great extreme on hands and bottom. I fear for the day when she gets her hands on an actual Lochgelly because for her size and build she fairly packs a solid whack.
Used her colection of paddles and martinets leaving my bottom and hands well and truly red and sore. Can’t wait for another session and hopes she hurries and gets her new canes and Lochgelly tawses.
Nice tattoo by the way!

Mark 2011.8.14 17:46
Recently had a fantastic trample session with Mistress Megara. I particularly enjoyed trying to answer her questions while she was standing on my face. Her range of shoes was excellent and I will savour the high heel marks left on my chest for as long as they last.
A truly stunning mistress whose trampling skills made for an excellent hour of fun.

steve 2011.7.14 00:19
Wow what a session, what an absolutely awsome and beautiful mistress. I tried the vac bed for the first time and can’t wait to try it again and next time for much longer. Thankyou mistress I worship everything about you.

Emily 2011.6.29 16:15
Had a really enjoyable double domme session with the beautiful Megara and very sexy fresh faced Alecto. Very good communication beforehand and everything id asked for was in the session. These two gorgeous ladies know how to push you whlst respecting your limits. Really enjoyed being treated like the sissy I am and in heaven being made to open my mouth and taste your spit! Looking forward to the next session immensely.

Derek 2011.6.23 07:25
Mistress Megara is truly wonderful.
She is very understanding and has a genuine enthusiasm for her craft.
She is also strict, inventive and totally believable in her role play.
I have had two of the best sessions possible with her, and truly wish I lived closer to Glasgow.
My only warning might be, careful what you wish for – for I am sure Mistress Megara will deliver!
I wished for an ultra strict, very severe school mistress, and Ms. Furie certainly fulfilled this role.
Thank you Ms. Furie, I really appreciate the effort you put into your sessions.

Hugh 2011.6.17 21:32
Just home from a session with Megara. The first thing that strikes you is that she is a very stunning lady. She makes you feel totally at ease and discusses your wants before any session starts.
Restrained naked to her bed you feel powerless as she starts to work on your bottom with her array of implements. She ranges from gentle strokes to ass breaking strokes, ech delivered with a powerful accuracy.
I can’t wait for the next visit to experience the tawse and the cane which I believe will be a truly mindblowing experience.

Cuntface 2011.6.12 17:50
had my first ever session today, Megara is beautiful and an amazing Domme, im now her sissy and going bi for her so i can be the best bitch possible, cant wait till next time :] x

george 2011.5.29 12:04
Megara is a truely beautiful lady
Just had my first session with her and am completely blown away
She tested my limits thouroughly and pushed them further than I could ever imagine.
Her soft spoken yet firm style was totally disarming and greatly helped in pushing way beyond my limits.
She also has a great sense of humour and her inventive ways of dealing out punishment made it a uniquely enjoyable session.
Counting the minutes till our next session

bikerslaveUK 2011.4.14 18:39
Fantastic cam session with Mistress today. She is so beautiful and i love the accent. Bit of tidying up to do as that jam got everywhere. i cannot reccomend Mistress Megara highly enough, and i can’t wait till our next session. i only wish i lived nearer as i would love a r/t session. Who knows ? Next time i have a week off, i might head up to Glasgow. Thanks again Mistress and speak VERY soon

Chris 2011.4.9 18:09
Megara Furie is a beautiful Mistress . To enter her world is to enter a fairytale Queendom redolent of the passions, pain and pleasure conveyed through the prose of master storytellers such as Neil Gaiman in his celebrated Sandman.

Megara’s Queendom heightens the senses of her supplicants through unleashing their trepidation and vulnerability before bestowing the fulfilment that is so desired.

Of Course, mere prose can only bear a mere shadow of the visceral experience and the glorious catharsis experienced by supplicants entering her dungeon such as I.

Mark 2011.3.22 20:36
I recently had a fantastic splosh session with Mistress Megara. I was so excited and could tell from the phoncalls prior to the session that she has an amazing enthusiasm for splosh. My session began with a good spanking to show who is boss, once I knew where I stood, I was dressed up as a woman, dress, make up and made to sing and dance at the command of the lovely megara.
I was then teased by megara who held a custard pie close to me before proceeding to stick it right in my face, this was followed by a cream chocolate cake and another custard pie. She does all this with a great teasing look in her eye.
A great session from a beautiful lady. Megara is much taller than I thought she looked from the photos, and is just adorable. Please visit this mistress, she is just great, beautiful, the boss and did I mention beautiful.
Just book an appointment now, you wont be disappointed!

Graham 2011.2.13 11:39
Double dom Megara Furie and Mistress Akasha
Had an amazing double dom session with Megara and Akasha!
Megara is an amazingly beautiful mistress. She is very cruel and is an expert in domination. Seeing her flash her wicked smile at you before slapping you silly is quite an experience!
Akasha is easily the cruellest mistress in Scotland. Glamorous and unsympathetic, she shows no mercy! Left my chest brusied with her metal heels, a perfect badge of honour!
Both highly recommended!

James 2010.9.17 20:01
Megara is truly a wonderful domme who understands the psyche of a person and mentally torments and teases. Not only does she have a body to die for but she is also extremely professional knowing what buttons to press and have you begging for more!!!! A wonderful anf extremely understanding dominatrix.