Sessions I DO NOT Offer

To save any confusion…

These are things I DO NOT offer. These are My limits. These are not to be questioned, explained or bought. I simply Do Not offer anything on this list. I am dedicating a page to this because I feel it is imperative to be under no illusions when calling Me and this also provides a way for Me to monitor whether you have actually read My site or are just looking for ‘any Domme’ rather than specifically Me.

subs who whore themselves out to just anyone are as unattractive to Me as that guy in a bar who talks to every Woman indiscriminately looking for numbers. While I am more than capable of pleasantly surprising those who I session with – and I do this with ease – it concerns Me the lack of research some subs do and have heard all the horror stories.

Research properly and this can be avoided.

(I will likely add to this list whenever I receive more ridiculous requests)

Without further ado…


Intimate Body Worship – intimate body parts are any part of My body which would be covered by a bikini

Nudity on My part

Public Humiliation which involves any other member of the public who are not aware of or part of the scene – this is due to a lack of consent on their part

Anything Illegal

Anything involving children or animals

Hand/foot jobs

Shaving you wife’s head

Rolling you up in a cigarette and smoking you

Covering you and My property in a truck full of cement