Megara’s Cafe


Since I first started carving My career in Professional Domination, I have had a Cafe, inspired by My first ever session where I shoved a twix up a sub’s arse and had him eat it before making him jizz into a bowl of cornflakes I had both pissed and spat in and eat this along with a ham rol I had just trampled into the ground. The look of him doing this both disgusted and excited Me. Not your usual Cafe I’m sure you will find…

So here is My menu. I hope you enjoy.

Megara’s Cafe

Breakfast – Cornflakes

(Cornflakes and a bottle of Mistress Megara’s finest)

Lunch – Pissotto, Spit Pasta or Shit Sandwich

Dinner – Meatballs and in a ‘Tomato’ sauce (monthly special I’m afraid),

Dessert – Jizzy Doughnuts or Chocolate Surprise

(if you can’t figure out what each item is, click here and if your answer is less than 140 please don’t come back)

Beverages – Spit, Champagne, Tampon Tea

£30 per item plus P+P or £10 when incorporated into a session.

I MUST know beforehand so I can make this.