TV/TS/Sissy Maid/Slut Training

Glasgow Mistress Furie has extensive experience in all aspects of your transformation and understands this can be a complex, sensitive area which requires utmost due care and attention.

Humiliating TV Makeover

you may like to dress from a humiliation point of view. Perhaps feeling a desire to be laughed at in private or taken out in public and forced into social situations where you may be discovered. I order you into suspenders, stockings, a bra perhaps… Have you perform humiliating tasks and degrade yourself for Mistress’ amusement…

Lifestyle TV Makeover

However, sometimes dressing goes far deeper and is a part of who you would like to become as a woman. Mistress will consult with you, correct any old habits from your previous life and encourage you to push yourself socially and psychologically until you are comfortable going out on your own dressed as female. Mistress has extensive contacts in the hair, make up, clothing and social scene who can assist in your transformation if required. Mistress guarantees a safe place is always created among understanding, accepting people where you can really come into your own.

Whether you are looking to explore privately at first or are already comfortable and looking for someone to guide you, advise you and give you some credibility in public, Megara understands your possible fears and trepidation and can provide a safe, relaxed, non-judgemental environment. This includes shopping for clothes, make up lessons with an excellent make up artist, wig shopping, trips to public places which may cause you some anxiety such as theatre, cinema, restaurants etc. It can help to have someone there who understands and really doesn’t give a fuck what you have between your legs. You will be instructed, if you wish, to wear certain outfits and if required you may change here before W/we venture out.

Sissy Maid Service Monthly Contract

If dressing and chores are more up your street then Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie offers the opportunity to serve Her on a regular basis for a reduced tribute. You will be expected to dress appropriately in Maid’s attire either traditional style (see photo above with maid wearing Megara’s Own design with insignia buttons) or fetish style – frilly, PVC, latex etc.

You will be given 15 minutes to change and handed a list of chores to complete.  These may include washing floors, doing dishes, ironing, cleaning bathroom, emptying bins or may include serving at parties Mistress throws for Her friends.

Tribute ranges from £50-150 per month depending on frequency of visits. Visits must be booked in advance. Should you not turn up or cancel you will forfeit the tribute you have paid.

Rates per month are as follows:

1 visit – £50

2 visits – £90

3 visits – £120

4 visits £150

TV Wardrobe Space Rental

Megara also has wardrobe space for rental where you can store your female clothes and accesssories to access during sessions or just whenever.

As this is quite a complex subject, I prefer you to Contact Me with full details, expectations and W/we will take it from there.