So you like anal play, huh? Here’s how to prepare…

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy feeling a little, erm, full of life? Or a big fucking dildo.

The excitement and trepidation you will experience before taking the plunge can stir up all sorts of um, feelings and things and stuff… So how can you prepare for your big day?

Whether you are a long term anal slut who loves their Mistress being elbow fucking deep in their hole or a nervous newbie with an opening as wide as a mouse’s ear… you, My lovely, need to prepare.

So how do you do this?


Be in a good place. Be with a Dominant you trust. Make sure you have discussed this fully. Eradicate any possible distractions which could cause you to tense up. I will come to these in just a second… But seriously, tension, stress, unease will all cause your butthole to feel the same and no-one wants to feel like they are being torn a new one.


Let’s work from outside in… The sphincter/anus. This is basically a muscle shaped like the end of a balloon. The very end. The curled up, tight, slightly thickened extremity of a balloon. It opens and closes which stops your innards just falling right out of you every time you stand up. This is your gatekeeper and the guy who decides who and what will fit in there. The source of the majority of pain you would feel and needs to be coerced, teased and repetitively manipulated in order for it to accommodate larger objects. IF YOU WANT TO GO BIGGER ON TOYS then between sessions, STRETCH THAT BITCH. Does this make sense? Good. Next.

The rectum. This is a tube shape which is closed off by another sphincter muscle guarding the entrance to your bowel. What lives in here? You guessed it. POOP. And what is more slippery – lubricant or poop? Well done. And for bonus points, what will reduce the efficacy of lubricant when present? Fucking POOP. So other than it being a hideous thing for your Mistress do have to deal with, it will make anal play fucking HURT. Please, for both of these reasons and for the mental ones I spoke about before (distractions – nothing worse than getting into it and thinking ‘oh god, am I clean? Do I need to poop?’ and then stopping every two minutes to go to the bathroom and check) ensure you eat light, poop a lot before and if poss, douche that rectum clean, so She doesn’t have to.

If you do all of these. I promise, PROMISE you that you will enjoy your session soo much more and your Mistress will be all ‘YES, ANAL DUDE WITH THE CLEAN ASS IS COMING SO I CAN FUCK HIS HOLE TODAY!’ rather than ‘shitey-erse is on his way.. Fuck sake, better get the enema looked out and order in more puppy pads – hope he’s not had peppers again…’

Happy Butt Fucking, Love, Megara xxx