The Humbler Games – with Miss Marilyn and katpiss

It was a muggy, dreich day at The Auld School. Marilyn arrived, stunning as always, to take on the sub I nicknamed ‘dolphin’ on account of his movements whenever I put anything up his ass. This would be the first double session We had done and firing fucks, it was a stoater. 

dolphin arrives and after some brief banter to get him settled We began with a warm up sensory/spanking session. This was to be a three hour session involving anal, CBT and CP so why not dive straight in with some pain? We quickly realised he was a wriggler, more so when tickled which had Us in stitches laughing at his futile attempts to squirm and escape. 

It was during this time, while discussing what was to come, that We came up with The Humbler Games idea as part of dolphin’s CBT. I couldn’t fucking wait. 

Fast forward a paddling, 17 million rounds of goosebumps and a grunt or twenty and We have him over the desk, choking on a strap on with a nice big cock in his ass begging to cum. Hahaha. Not yet. We swapped places and Marilyn ruined his little prostate while I filled his mouth up then when he couldn’t take any more I joined Marilyn around back armed with My trusty DOXY. Poor sub was close to tears. So, being the lovely, generous, kind hearted Dommes We are, We gave him exactly ONE MINUTE in which to cum. What a disappointment. We had no choice but to administer more pain to let him know how sorely disappointed We were. 

After another thorough, sound spanking where We told him to make dolphin noises but got something that sounded more like a grieving donkey. A tickle fest. A paddling and a nipple tease. It was time to apply… The Humbler……

Let the games begin!

First game was easy. Simply fetch the dildo and bring it back in his mouth. We nicknamed him katpiss as We were sure he would excel. What. A. Letdown. Both times We made him do it. Hopefully the next game would not disappoint. 

Press ups. I was sooo looking forward to seeing his balls strain against his thighs while his arms burned. But he did them on his knees! Yawn! 

A drink later and it was squats. Muuuuch better. We had to change from lunges because it just wasn’t hurting his balls enough. katpiss managed 25 in the second round. A top effort. 

Next was fetch the shoes. Using only his nose. And stand them up. HILARIOUS. Things were finally starting to look up. 

Last but not least. The bleep test. We reckon he failed it in level 1 but being the fucked up sadists We are, We cackled and goaded right up to level 5 while he struggled, panted and sweated. 

The Grand Finale

With katpiss in tatters We decided it was time for a treat. Straitjacket on, legs bound, a prostate punching arse workout and a DOXY while We hurled slutty abuse at him and the little dolphin jiggled his way to a bum coma where he lay for the duration of the dungeon clean, shivering and panting away while thanking Us profusely. 

I reckon he’ll be back. And I can’t wait to work with Marilyn again. 

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Love, M xx