Weight Loss/Lifestyle Coaching/NLP

Are you overweight? Do you lack the discipline to go to the gym/put down that cream cake? Are portions an issue?

Is there something you promised yourself you’d do for years but need a momentous boot up the arse to get this done?

Perhaps you’ve tried all the methods going but feel like you need to actually be accountable to someone who takes accountability seriously and genuinely cares about whether you succeed or fail? Someone who will implement a series of consequences and rewards for your efforts (or lack of) and see them though.

That would be Me.

I am driven, successful and I keep Myself in the shape you wish you could be in. Having had success with helping several clients with their own weight loss and recently taking on sell out comedian and Scot Squad’s very own Darren Connell to help with his transformation (see us on STV’s Late Show where W/we talked about his impending journey) I am now offering this as a full service.

One thing I have always been passionate about is Dominating to make people better rather than break down and destroy spirits and I will motivate and push you along in My very Own unique way to help you achieve those goals and dreams you have been struggling to pursue.

Expect groundbreaking NLP techniques, brutal honesty and a no nonsense approach. Expect to be called on your failings and given instructions to sort out your path to success but most of all, expect life changing results to come from your hard work.